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Bazaar Stock Wholesale - New Products

Delivery within 5-7 days.

Wholesale of bazaar products.

Volume discounts

Quantity Price You Save
40000 €0.29 Up to €10,400.00
100000 €0.25 Up to €30,000.00
In Stock

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1500.

The best assortment of varied products from different families for your business.

Export or national - international sale.

Products from Europe from department stores.

New products and without defect of over stock, no returns.

In this offer we offer the widest assortment in the following categories:

Textile, household linen, footwear, decoration, kitchenware, hardware, DIY, gardening, lighting, household items, kitchen items, jewelry, stationery, bookstore, gift items, toys, fashion accessories, cosmetics, pet products , etc.

Some products from recognized brands such as: Disney, Puma, Playmobil, Bestguay, Ardene, C&M, NOVA Style, Home Decor, Loreal, Lenor, among many others.

- We export to the whole world where we include a packing list.

- We make the transport cost profitable by including the largest number of units on each pallet, increasing the height to fill the container to the maximum.

Minimum order 1500 units - Price: €0.55 / unit. (1 Pallet).

From 40,000 units the price is €0.29. (11 20-foot container pallet)

100,000pc 0.25€ 40ft container or truck

Stock available: 100,000 units.

We have videos and a Dropbox folder where you can see the products classified by families.

This offer does not include a packing list.

We ship throughout Europe and export by sea, air or land, see conditions.

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