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Bazar Stock assorted products - Last units Wholesale

Delivery within 5-7 days.

Wholesale of bazaar products.

In Stock

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 40000.

The best assortment of varied products from different families for your business.

Export or national - international sale.

Products from Europe from department stores.

New products and without defect of over stock, no returns.

In this offer we offer the widest assortment in the following categories:

Textile, household linen, footwear, decoration, kitchenware, hardware, DIY, gardening, lighting, household items, kitchen items, jewelry, stationery, bookstore, gift items, toys, fashion accessories, cosmetics, pet products , etc.

Some products from recognized brands such as: Disney, Puma, Playmobil, Bestguay, Ardene, C&M, NOVA Style, Home Decor, Loreal, Lenor, among many others.

- We export to the whole world where we include a packing list.

- We make the transport cost profitable by including the largest number of units on each pallet, increasing the height to fill the container to the maximum.

Minimum order 1500 units - Price: €0.55 / unit. (1 Pallet).

From 40,000 units the price is €0.29. (11 20-foot container pallet)

100,000pc 0.25€ 40ft container or truck

Stock available: 100,000 units.

We have videos and a Dropbox folder where you can see the products classified by families.

This offer does not include a packing list.

We ship throughout Europe and export by sea, air or land, see conditions.

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