Large batches of varied products

Volume discounts

Quantity Price You Save
40000 €0.19 Up to €6,400.00

Super offer new bazaar products for only 0.19 per unit.

Full truck lot contains 32 assorted pallets of bazaar products.

All products are New of excellent quality.

The lot contains more than 10,000 references of assorted products from different families: Bazaar, Toy Store, Hardware Store, Kitchen, Home Decoration, Paleperie, Textile, Fashion, Footwear, DIY, Gardening, Pet Accessories.

Bazaar full truck. 32 Pallets or 40ft Container.

The best offer € 0.19 / piece. Bazaar Mix.

The full 32 pallet trucks contain between 30,000 and 40,000 pieces with the best bazaar assortment coming from department stores.

A large assortment of excellent quality new merchandise. Some products of recognized brands: Disney, Puma, Playmobil, Bestguay, etc.

All new product assorted without defect.

The best bazaar mix ideal for your business. Export or national sale. Product from Europe from department stores.

New products out of stock.

No returns.

Prices are according to quantity in the following range.

- From 1 to 9 Pallets: € 0.35 / Unit. (Approximately between 1500 and 2000 pieces per Pallet).

- From 10 to 31 Pallets: € 0.25 / Unit. (Approximately between 1500 and 2000 pieces per Pallet).

- Complete truck (32 Pallets) € 0.19 / Unit.

Stock Value € 65,000 or more.